Tax Expert Service
Tax Preparation

We are a full service office with the ability to help you set up your business from the beginning concept, maintain accurate timely records and file completed returns at the end of year.
Here at Expert Tax Service I have a compassionate and professional team of experienced employees that are at your service. We are a small family owned and operated business that strives to treat our clients like family as well. One on one and face to face confidence is our choice of service.  We understand what it takes to get your taxes done efficiently and correctly, getting you the most out of your earnings as possible.  We have an multiple enrolled agents (E.A.; licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service) as well as Licensed Tax Consultants with the State of Oregon (All Oregon tax preparers are required to have licensing).
Tax Types
We provide several different kinds of tax services, including personal and business taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, quarterly reports, business set up, past year taxes, all state tax returns, offer in compromise, and enrolled agent services.
Personal and Business Taxes
We prepare and complete all years and all states for your personal tax returns.  It does not matter how complex they are, how many states you lived in, we have the staff and training to get them done correctly, and in a timely fashion.  From Partnerships, Corporations, Estates, and Nonprofits, we can do them all.  We have been dedicated to this type of work for over 14 years.
Tax Troubles
If you found yourself dealing with letters from the IRS or State it can be a scary time.  Let us help you work out the kinks and relieve some of your stress by allowing us to talk to the IRS or State on your behalf, settling the issues that have risen.  We have the ability to represent you and or your business, whether it be for an audit to debt owed, we can help you manage the steps needed to take.
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