Core Foundation for New Business

So you want to start a business.   Congratulations!  Once you get over the initial excitement, it’s time to break down and start the process of launching your startup.
You have the idea, you know your product or service, you are ready to jump, now what? Getting all of the initial paperwork setup is a daunting task that overwhelms many new entrepreneurs.  With our new company foundation set up, we will privately meet with you to discuss your business and what you plan on doing.  We take it from there, getting the back office paperwork completed for you, taking the stress and worry away, so you can focus on your new journey.
What you get:
  • Federal Tax ID number
  • State Registry Setup
  • State employee setup
  • A detailed business plan
  • Financial pitch
  • Operating agreements between partners (if required)
  • Employee handbook organized
  • Quickbooks company file setup (Software not included)
  • Estimated Tax outlook (tax planning)
  • Coaching sessions (6 total sessions over 2 months)
  • These coaching sessions can be tailored to your needs, typically focusing on goal setting, problem solving or launching.
Contact us to see how our business can benefit you!